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March 2022 Jobs Report

Here are the latest trends in the Australian job search market based on the Adzuna jobs data for March 2022. Adzuna is a jobs search engine that brings all the jobs in Australia to one place. This means we have the most up-to-date statistics and insights on the Australian jobs market.

Based on the jobs report data in March, we can see that the jobs market is still concentrated on the eastern coast of Australia. However, there is an increase total number of jobs in Victoria. There were 40,436 jobs posted in Victoria for the month of March which is a 4% increase month on month. 

From Adzuna’s jobs data, we can see that the top 3 states as per last month’s data still have not changed. There are 49,419 jobs in New South Wales, 35668 jobs in Victoria, 25198 jobs in Queensland.

Jobs Salary by Categories

Everyone who is looking to start or plan their career will want to know which industry has the highest-paying jobs in Australia. Through Adzuna’s jobs report, we are able to conclude that these top 10 industries have the highest average salary in Australia.

Top 10 industries in Australia with the highest average salary

Categories Average Salary
IT / Computing / Software  $             143,862.07
Management / exec / consulting  $             137,249.09
Engineering  $             134,924.13
Healthcare / nursing  $             125,438.71
Energy / oil & gas  $             121,169.30
Marketing / advertising / PR  $             110,323.83
HR & recruitment  $             107,018.01
Legal  $             106,839.71
Scientific / QA  $             105,119.95
Construction / trades  $             101,547.93

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